How to apply for a loan Personal Payday from Good Finance?

How to apply for a loan Personal Payday from Good Finance? At www.Good, you can apply for a Personal Payday loan. You can equip it simply. It is probably the only zero-interest loan in the market if it is your first loan at Good Finance and the loan is up to € 1,500.

Loan Amount m Personal Payday: from 350 – to 24.000 €

Loan approval conditions and cost list

Loan approval conditions and cost list

If the applicant is a bank client, the process is online. The applicant does not need to come to the bank to identify or sign the contract. The essential terms of the application are as follows:

  • for applicants over 18 years of age
  • with address and address in Slovakia
  • without a credit register entry
  • without delay in repayment in another financial institution
  • with regular income
  • without debt in Good Finance

If the bank approves the client’s first loan at Good Finance of up to € 1,500, the interest will actually be zero. The Applicant will only pay 2% of the borrowing fee.

In other cases, no fee is charged for filing, submitting, or early repayment.

When you apply for a loan, we first select whether we want to consolidate our commitments, then use the calculator to set the necessary parameters, loan amount, repayment period, regular repayment date and any insurance to the loan. The monthly installment, RPM and interest will be displayed immediately:

Are there other charges?


It is only charged for changing the terms and conditions – € 20.

What documents are needed for the application?

The existing client simply equips everything online. The contract is concluded through internet banking. The borrowed amount will appear in the mKonto account a few minutes after the contract is concluded. The consent of the other spouse is necessary if one of the spouses has requested a loan of over € 10,000.

In the case of a new client, the application may be submitted online or at a Good Finance branch. A free mKonto will be opened for the applicant, where he will receive money from the loan. The consent of the other spouse is necessary if one of the spouses has requested a loan of over € 10,000.

In addition to Personal Payday, Good Finance offers mortgage loans. However, this is not a disadvantage because the loan can be used for any purpose.

Loan Application Process

Loan Application Process

The application process is the same for existing and new clients. The difference is that new clients must visit a bank branch for identification purposes. The request procedure is as follows:

1. On www.Good, click on “Loans” and then “Personal Payday”.

2. Click on “I want a loan” on the next page to select whether we are bank clients or not. Subsequently, existing clients log in with their identifier, new clients enter contact information.

3. After the application is approved, an e-mail will be sent with the final parameters of the Plus Loan.

4. The next step is to sign the contract. Existing clients have the ability to sign online, new clients must visit Good Finance for identity verification and contract signing.

5. After signing the contract, the amount requested will be credited to the mKonto account and the applicant may start drawing on the borrowed amount.

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