Go skiing, but is it too expensive? There is a solution!

This year’s summer is too long for us, but the first snow has been dropped in the ski paradises of the surrounding countries, and the ski slopes are being prepared for the wintering tourists – in many places the season starts at the end of November. Skiing is not the cheapest amusement, perhaps it is more burdensome for a family cashier than a single holiday, so the question arises of what to finance the trip. We followed up on how you can reduce your costs, and with the Personal Loan Calculator we also looked at which bank would best be offered a personal loan if you were to use external financial assistance.

I haven’t been skiing yet, how much will it cost me?


The first thing you should decide is where to go skiing: there is plenty of choice at the ski slopes both at home and abroad, so it is worth checking out the best places before you commit to any of them. Although there are ski resorts, geographic locations and weather conditions in Hungary, you can choose from skiing slopes in Austria, Slovenia, or even further afield, Italy or France. You will be charged for these costs if you plan to ski in the near future:

For the amount spent on travel, note that the price of petrol may vary from country to country, so you can even save money on refueling if you fill the tank in cheaper places. Apart from the cost of travel, accommodation is the other basic expense of skiing: it depends primarily on the country you are planning to spend, the number of days of the trip and the type of care you use.

Ski slopes in different countries may have big differences in rents. Based on sielok.hu’s vote, Silvretta Arena, the best ski resort in Austria, has a 50-day adult ticket to Silvretta Arena, but it is a bit cheaper to find a ski resort in the western neighborhood. If we go further, for example, to Tignes in France, the daily ticket can be as much as 60 euros, but the deepest thing is to go into our pockets if Switzerland is the destination: the best tickets can cost up to 92 Swiss francs, which is 80 euros current exchange rate. Before traveling, it is worth checking out the discounted rentals, as you can save up to tens of thousands of forints with a good offer.

When you are about to ski for the first time, one of the biggest releases is getting the right equipment. The price of skis, ski boots, sticks, helmets and goggles can go up to 150,000 forints, plus the right clothes, which is also not two fillers. You can get a little cheaper if you buy what you need, or if you only rent out for what you need – it’s for those who don’t have great plans for skiing. The daily cost of renting a full ski home at home is only a few thousand forints, which can significantly cut costs.

If you are a beginner, you should take part in a preparatory course: you can buy private lessons at a price of about 4-5000 HUF at home, but there is also a possibility for group education, which is slightly cheaper.

We can see that even with lower-cost ski slopes and equipment, a ski ride costs hundreds of thousands of forints, and if you plan a trip with a family, the costs will only climb up.

If you do not have your own pocket: a personal loan can help

 If you do not have your own pocket: a personal loan can help

If the final sum does not fit into the family budget, but you don’t want to miss the experience, the external financial help can come in handy. The best solution for this is a freely usable personal loan: the process of claiming has become faster in recent years thanks to the simplification of the process and the development of online banking interfaces. The application itself can be executed online in just a few minutes, and if the bank finds everything right, the disbursement can take place within two days.

The amount of credit you can buy is usually between $ 500,000 and $ 10,000,000 – this may vary from bank to bank, so it’s important to look at what banks offer in this area before applying. The maturity may vary depending on the amount invested and your monthly net income: you can repay your personal loan for up to 12 months, but if you are better off installing the installments, you can redeem for up to 96 months, ie 8 years.

Most personal loans are freely usable, which means that you do not need to prove to the bank what you spent on the amount, even if it is a higher amount of up to several million forints. This significantly simplifies the application process, for example, with home loans where real estate coverage is required.

Use the Personal Loan Calculator and choose the best offer for you! The calculator shows the differences between the total repayable fees for the loans. It’s worth checking out, because by choosing the best offer you can save up to tens of thousands of forints.

The most important conditions are income and necessary certificates

 The most important conditions are income and necessary certificates

In order to get the best deals on credit, you need a stable job and a high salary, as the more secure you are able to pay the monthly installment, the less risk you have for the bank. The following aspects are important for credit institutions:

  • You should have a continuous, declared employment relationship – the banks usually wait three or six months, but there are also places where you will be accepted if you have only one month’s employment certificate,
  • your payment must reach the minimum amount set by the bank – in most cases it is between 70,000 and 150,000 HUF, but you can get the best deals if your net monthly income reaches 250,000 HUF
  • Your contract may be of indefinite duration – it is not a problem if your fixed-term contract goes beyond the term, or if you can prove that the contract is concluded again and again with you.

If you meet the conditions set by the bank, there is nothing else but to combine the necessary documents for the request:

  • a valid photo ID, such as a passport, driver’s license or passport
  • home address document
  • Tax ID,
  • Named and paid utility bills not older than 30 days
  • employer and income certificate,
  • if you are an entrepreneur, you will need a certificate of income issued by NAV,
  • if you are a pensioner, you can apply for a pensioner or pension certificate.

If you have these documents at your request, you can save unnecessary circles. The creditor bank makes a copy of these documents with your permission and the credit assessment begins.

Which is the most favorable personal loan on the market?

With the Personal Loan Calculator you can easily set the terms you would like to do this: after setting the loan amount you can choose how long you are going to take the loan or whether you are below or below 250,000 HUF – as we wrote earlier, this amount is usually the watershed banks to get more favorable interest rate schemes. Additional discounts may apply if you undertake to pay your payment to the selected bank, but this is not a condition for all credit institutions. Now that we’ve set everything in the calculator, let’s look at the best deals!

Suppose you want to apply for a loan of HUF 1 million for the expected skiing, with a 60-month maturity so that your monthly net income is less than HUF 250,000 and your current account is not with the creditor bank. In this case, the most favorable personal loan offer is offered by CIB Bank to the clients, but at least 120 000 HUF regular income is required for this. The APR, ie the total rate of interest, is 11.73 percent, the monthly installment is HUF 21,814, and the total repayable amount is HUF 1,308,840.

At Raiffeisen Bank you can borrow up to HUF 7 million for free use with 12.28 percent THM. In this case, the monthly installment will pay you HUF 21,717 and at the end of the term you will pay HUF 1,318,620 if you decide to do so.

K&H Bank’s free-to-use personal loan can be claimed with a 13.70 percent THM with a monthly repayment installment of HUF 22,239. The total amount to be repaid is HUF 1,362,480.

You can get better deals if your monthly net income reaches $ 250,000. In this case, three banks also offer a loan rate below 10%. The CIB Bank Advance Loan is available with 8.17 percent THM and 20,218 HUF monthly repayments. The total amount to be repaid is HUF 1,213,080. K&H’s outstanding personal loan offers a 8.81 percent THM with a repayment of HUF 20,033; this offer, however, requires a minimum of $ 300,000 in payment. The total amount to be repaid is HUF 1,230,120. Raiffeisen Bank offers a 8.97 percent APR with a monthly repayment of HUF 20,252 and a total repayable amount of HUF 1,230,720.

Secure yourself and your credit too!

 Secure yourself and your credit too!

If you are traveling abroad, it is advisable to get travel insurance, especially if you are carrying out an activity that is dangerous in the travel. Skiing and related snowboarding are among the most dangerous sports, so you should always take out insurance if you are an experienced skier. For winter sports lovers, insurers offer special packages that offer more than an average travel insurance. As a result, these services are also more expensive, but it is worth securing yourself, as even the cost of a small accident may exceed the cost of skiing tailored insurance.

If you are already safe, think about your credit, because if something goes wrong with you, the process of repayment can be at risk. This is the solution to the credit insurance that you can attach to your credit agreement. This means that if an unexpected event occurs that negatively affects the repayment process, the insurer will take over the payment of your installment for a certain period of time. Typically, such events are the loss of money, loss of health, or death due to loss of workplace, accident or illness. In the event of the latter occurring, the insurer may pay the entire outstanding loan. In case of loss of a job, the insurer will take up the payment of the installment of the loan for several months. The length of the period may vary depending on the insurer and the contract concluded.

Plus money for the house? Find out your credit sooner!

If you have earned more than average money, you should consider how to spend the amount to offset or reduce the outstanding debt, thus shortening the maturity. Banks usually give you the opportunity to prepay, ie to pay multiple monthly installments in one amount. If you want to settle your entire outstanding debt, you can also repay your debt in this case.

Prepayment and prepayment usually have an extra charge, as banks will lose interest on future interest rates, but they can take out bids where they release or reduce these fees within certain actions.

Choose the best deal – the calculator helps you make the decision

 Choose the best deal - the calculator helps you make the decision

In the calculator, you can sort your bids based on several features:

Monthly installment: This amount will be repaid to the bank at regular intervals, usually monthly. The installment consists of three items: the amount of the principal repayment, the interest and the handling fee. The monthly installment may be fixed and variable, depending on whether you are borrowing a fixed or floating rate loan. If you are wondering which construction you need to pay the least monthly, you can sort out the bank offers on this basis.

Total Loan Rate Indicator (APR): This is the ratio of the total cost of the loan to the total amount of the loan, expressed as a percentage. The APR includes all interest, fee and handling costs associated with the loan and the normal loan product under the loan agreement. However, it does not include fees that are not related to loan disbursement, such as default interest and other non-performance payment obligations.

Amount to be repaid : The total amount to be repaid is obtained by adding the amount of the principal debt, ie the amount of the loan taken and the total amount of the loan. For example, in the case of a loan amount of HUF 1 million, if the total borrowing rate is HUF 200,000, the total repayable amount will be HUF 1,200,000.

The calculator lists the bank offers based on the parameters you specify. In addition to the features of the offer, a representative example is also shown in the calculator showing what conditions apply to the most popular designs. After sorting out, you can find out more about the offers, such as what initial costs you can expect, whether it is a fixed or floating rate loan, and what are the conditions for claiming age or expected net income.

In the case of calculations shown in the calculator, the information is not complete, as some parameters and conditions of the loans may differ from bank to bank. For more details, please check with the bank. Our goal is to present banking products in a transparent and comparable list, so we always display the most favorable credit offer available on the basis of the selected search parameters.

Based on the calculations of the Personal Loan Calculator, it can be seen that there may be several tens of thousands of forints difference between the same terms and conditions, so you should always compare several financial institutions to make the best decision.